The very funky “other” band from Paul Neufeld and Michael Occhipinti. Rivethead is electric, grooving, interesting, and arresting.

Rivethead is a quartet rooted in Paul playing all his keyboards and Michael pressing all his stomp boxes at once. They play original music, they play Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, New Order, The Police, they twist every popular musical genre into something entirely their own. Rivethead is both loud and really loud, and sometimes spacey, and sometimes not so loud.

Audience responses are usually of the I-didn’t-think-I-liked-jazz-is-that-jazz-I-like-that variety or the wow-cool-stomp-boxes-nice-analogue-synth variety. Sometimes people dance.

guitars - Michael Occhipinti
keyboards - PN
bass - Mike Pellarin
drums - Paul Antonio

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