Rhythm & Truth

Paul’s outlet for funky and fun music takes a few different forms. From the street music of the New Orleans inspired Brass Band to the groovy and jazz inflected Organ Band to the soulful Gospel Band and variations in between. Some of the best musicians in Canada have a home in Paul Neufeld’s Rhythm & Truth – Lester McLean, vocals/sax; Colin Campbell, guitar/vocals; Doan Pham, drums/vocals; Kevin Turcotte, trumpet; Sean O’Connor, saxophones; Stephen Donald, trombone; Sarah MacElcheran, trumpet; Quisha Wint, vocals, and others. Paul plays tuba, sousaphone, organ and keys.

Rhythm & Truth Brass Band
With two CDs to their credit and a long track record as a Canadian festival favourite the R&TBB is the longest running of the franchises. The group ranges from 6 to 10 members and can give a stage show with vocalists and electric guitar to a completely acoustic street performance with marching drummers and horns. Typically the band has vocals, trumpets, trombone, saxophones, guitar, drums, and Paul on sousaphone. 

Rhythm & Truth Organ Band
Ranging from a classic organ trio (guitar, organ, drums) for a modern take on the 60s standard format, to a quartet with sax/vocals to the same group plus horn section. This group takes on a soul, jazz, reggae repertoire that always moves in a funky direction.

Rhythm & Truth Gospel
The gospel end of the family is a quartet at it’s core (vocals, guitar, organ, drums) and expands with the addition of singers and horn section. The show moves from the soul-era gospel of the Staple Singers and Alex Bradford to more modern work by Vernard Johnson, and also incorporates jazz, reggae, and funk. We have been presented in churches as “jazz night” and played gospel and jazz mixes, and we have also done quite a few Christmas shows of “funkified Christmas tunes” that is a lot of fun for all ages. 

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