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Polskatonic was born in Toronto in the winter of 2007 to the glee of no one except its founders. It makes a racket of an acoustic nature. Polkas, ska, rock, funk, New Orleans stuff.

Despite a desire to achieve only mediocrity, the choice of the key musicians has left that option an impossibility. The fellas are too good and the band seems to have fallen into a pattern of high quality they are unable to break through.

Denis Keldie is the genius on the accordion youíve always meant to avoid. The people who havenít been able to avoid him are legion. Etta James, Tiny Tim, Ry Cooder, Stompin' Tom Connors, Jane Bunnett, Serena Ryder, Prairie Oyster, Alfie Zappacosta, Jeff Healy, Henry Gross, Natalie McMaster, Crowbar, The Lincolns, The Extras, The Rankins, Solomon Burke, Joel Kroeker, Fathead, Folkalarm, Rita Coolidge.

Paul Neufeld on sousaphone is too big headed to just call the thing a tuba and leave well enough alone. He has been grudgingly awarded Junos, Vibe awards, and National Jazz awards. Has played with a bunch of famous jazzbos, like Joe Lovano, Ray Anderson, Don Byron, Sam Rivers. Bruce Cockburn too. He runs NOJO, Rhythm & Truth, and other bands no one likes. This band doesnít think too highly of him either.

Sean OíConnor plays clarinet and saxophones so well that people hire him all the time to do just that. people Like Joe Louis Walker, David Leask, Ron Sexsmith. All this despite his unpleasant personality.

Vince maCCarone plays the drums as well as can be expected. He writes music for TV and plays with a lot of blues and roots guys, especially Paul Reddick.

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