Paul Neufeld Society Orchestra

The Society Orchestra is a group playing music from a non-existent place and time. Turn of the 20th Century New Orleans, Buenos Aries, Moscow, 1920s Mississippi, 1880s and 1940s New York, the Mexican Revolution, Carles Ives, the films of Sergei Eisentstein, minimalism, brand new pieces, pop songs. All of these elements make up the sound of these four musicians and the place this music is from. They all dress nicely and can play background music at parties and can also scare the pants off of you.

Paul is composing music for the accompaniment of silent films to be performed by the Society Orchestra. The short films of the Lumiere Brothers in the 1890s, and Que Viva Mexico by Eisenstein.

Martin Van De Ven - clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone
Scott Suttie - trombone, euphonium, bass trombone
Mark Duggan - marimba, percussion
Paul - piano, melodica, tuba

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