Paul Neufeld Group

Dedicated to the original music of Paul, jazz repertoire, and arrangements of folk songs, the Paul Neufeld Group is a colourful and exciting group ranging from trio to quintet, depending on context. It indicates the breadth of the group that the Toronto Jazz Festival selected Paulís trio to back up the legendary trombonist Ray Anderson, whose repertoire ranges from blues to free jazz to New Orleans to calypso and beyond.

Paulís longtime collaborator, Rob Clutton, is a regular on double bass. The group includes percussionists, and saxophone in itís larger forms. Musicians such as Paul Brundtland (percussion), Nicholas Hockin (percussion), Muhtadi (percussion), Jesse Baird (drums), Paul Antonio (drums), Collin Barrett (electric bass), and Rich Howse (saxophones) are the regular ensemble members.

The PN Group featuring vocalist/saxophonist Lester McLean is regularly performing gospel and spirituals at The Boilerhouse, The Distillery Historic District, in Toronto. Check the Schedule for details.

The new CD, Walk Together, features the folk music side of the ensemble with itís theme of 19th Century African-American Spirituals.

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